trendy food goes green

Last night my chef-cousin, took me out for a belated birthday at a new restaurant called Achilles-Project/Persephone. The concept is quite interesting, trendy food and atmosphere that’s eco-conscious combined with a retail environment. Who would have thought? Plus video games. What more does one need? Food. Fun. Shopping.


Above image: sliding concept- tables push together or separate to accommodate small and large parties. This sliding concept carries through other aspects: clothes racks slide on ceiling tracks to make room for video game playing and sliding chalk board covers the window between the kitchen and dining room. Subtle and well thought out.

Now, onto the food. Great, simple presentation. Elegant. On the other hand, I was not blown away by the food itself. Lumiere in Newton (run by the same chef) was much better.
Weird food: I love trying. Below is the “beef bone-marrow”. I’ve only ever had it before in Chinese soup. This time around was not expected- too much salt and butter with the consistency of bone-marrow (which is like mushy-fat…yum) was not too yum, as it felt like we were actually eating fat.



Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh. We did have a good experience and I would certainly go back for the interesting cocktails and atmosphere rather than for the pure food experience.

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