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‘The best restaurant in the World,’ ElBulli is a 3 star Michelin in the little town of Cala Monjoi outside of Barcelona. And it looks amazing! Much more than visual eye candy, the gastronomical works of art must be a delight to experience. See the rest of Adam Roberts’ detailed account of his 30 course meal at ElBulli (with more videos and images) of his experience over at Amateur Gourmet and his El Bulli Recap (thanks to Allen the links!)
Wallpaper has a review and selection of pages from the book “ElBulli: Food for Thought, Thought for Food”.

Sense! is “turning an ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience” with the slow enjoyment of flavors, smells, sight. Learn more about the Sense! dining experience at Yanko Design.

Le Whif is a revolutionary new way of eating chocolate – by breathing it! Imagine, chocolate without the calories.

On a similar note, Le Whif resembles a cigarette but tastes like chocolate. Can you really enjoy chocolate simply through taste, without the gooey texture that swarms your mouth? This is a really interesting way of indulgence without the post-indulgent guilt that often results… I want to try it!
via TedxBoston

Hm… these videos have me thinking… what’s the correlation between visual site of an object (or food) and our other senses of touch, taste, or smell… more to come at a later date 🙂

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  1. Allen says:

    A good friend and I decided that whoever becomes an attending physician first (or PI in a lab) will take the other person out to El Bulli. Legendary bet.

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