the Pho experience


A lovely connection between tradition, culture, and dining is the Pho tableware set designed by Omid Sadri for the making and serving of Pho. Simply beautiful and functional.

“Phở (fuh) n.Traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup. Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.”

Inspired by the form of a classical Vietnamese lantern, the bowl set here is designed to “simplify and enrich” the experience of the famous Vietnamese dish. The bowl set makes the entire Pho dish easy to carry, then creates a unique experience by revealing the dish layer by layer.

via Yanko Design

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  1. norman says:

    Good idea. Might I suggest: something to place the big spoon onto instead of onto the table in the first step. And something in addition to the bowl so that the hot soup would not burn the waiter’s hands bringing the pho to the table?

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