the future of food by Philips Design


Looking at how we currently source and eat our food with today’s social trends, Philips Design conceptualized the possibility that could exist in 15-20 years. The first of 3 concepts shown above is the “Nutrition Monitor” which helps visualize the amount of food each person in the household eats and the nutritional needs of the individual. It tells the user the amount to eat based on the their health and body requirements.

These beautifully simplified concepts from Philips Design address our societal issues of obesity, the food we choose to eat, and sourcing food locally. Next 2 concepts after the jump.


The image is a recipe that came out of the “Food Printer,” where the user selects ingredients to combine them into a brand new creation that prints out for enjoyment.

My favorite of the series of 3 is the “Biosphere Home Farm,” a self contained eco-system for farming your own food indoors with growing plants and raising fish. See video below:

More images and videos at Wallpaper and info at Philips

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