Sushi as an iconic shape

Apologies for the lack of posts this past month! I’ve been busy doing some pre-holiday travel to Hong Kong and NYC to visit family and friends. Now, on with the post…

A recent giveaway on NotCot reminded me of some links I had been collecting. First off, Japanese food is one of my favorite cuisines and as I was catching up with RSS feeds saw this Do’s and Don’t of sushi etiquette. A few things I definitely learned here! Like, dipping the fish and not the rice into the soy sauce. Hmm.. this would make an interesting place-mat for a sushi restaurant…
via TheWorldsBestEver

Sushi has been a constant trend in both the design and culinary worlds. As a very recognizable and iconic cuisine, the shapes, contents, and form of sushi is easily transferable to other objects. Even by changing the materials and contents of the ‘sushi’, we can still make the association through form and color… what do you think? See a collection of sushi toys after the jump and share your thoughts in the comments!

o-no-sushi.jpgO no Sushi 
via JoshSpear

Sushi Legos via fffound!

Sushi Plush toys via PicoCool

3 Responses to “Sushi as an iconic shape”

  1. djpfine says:

    I can’t decide if I’d be happy that I received a cute sushi toy or disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to eat it.

  2. changabanga says:

    I want the O No Sushi.

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