Gijs Bakker at Harvard GSD

Gijs Bakker, one of the founders of Droog Design, spoke at the Harvard Graduate School of Design tonight.


Internationally renowned jewelry and product designer Gijs Bakker will present his most recent work. Bakker’s designs include jewelry, home accessories and household appliances, furniture, interiors, public spaces, and exhibitions. He has worked and works for numerous companies, including Polaroid, Artifort, HEMA, Van Kempen & Begeer, and recently for ENO Studio in France.

In 1993, Gijs Bakker founded with design critic and historian Renny Ramakers Droog Design. “We operate worldwide with partners, clients and manufacturers, designers, artists and architects in all areas of design,” says Bakker. “Our products each tell a story based on universal themes, such as memories, nostalgia, re-use, craftsmanship, and nature. In our aim to create innovative concepts that change the human perspective, we want to substantially contribute to the international debate about design.”

I arrived a bit late, missing the beginning, but.. somewhere in the middle Bakker mentioned the new Droog Book and highlighted the chapters, which reflect the Droog philosophy (or mentality) of design:


And this process of just doing things for experimentation and curiosity have created wonderfully ironic and boundary pushing designs


Like wallpaper with holes in it… to give a glimpse of how the walls looked once before.


And glasses where wine and beer merge, reacting to and questioning the boundary between France and Belgium.


Or commission a radiator design. Radiators usually try to blend into the walls as much as possible- instead, why not accentuate it?

And answers to questions that followed in regards to where Droog and Gijs Bakker are headed next in the world of design…

  • exploring science and technology with the expression of design
  • working globally to help other countries (like the Taiwan Design Center) to produce products and express what local designers may not be mature enough to do yet

Oh yes, I almost forgot: Droog = Dry Humor. But the group is always reacting to some global issue or cultural divide.

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