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I was recently doing some personal research on food photography and styling and had no idea that Boston University hosted a Conference on Food Styling and Photography back in June. So sad to have missed out! Coincidentally, the other day I also came across a post on PSFK.

Images above show the post and mid-process of Computer Generated Imagery. Watch the Vimeo video of this transition from wireframe to enticing fries and burger done for Bernstein Rein Advertising.

As you will see, this is an entirely CGI spot. We used photo modeling techniques adding dimension to real studio photographs of a Big Mac and the the fries. The fry box, Dr. Pepper, ice, bubbles, smoke, straw, environment, etc are all entirely CGI.

The real reason to do this spot as CGI was to be able to choreograph the camera move in limited time and budget.

Wow, technology and amazing computer graphics with realistic rendering. Will this put food stylists and photographers out of work? Although, the graphics are based off studio photographs. Hm…the photo industry is certainly changing due to digital, any thoughts on technology changing the food styling industry?

via PSFK

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  1. Timmy Wong says:

    I come from a tech background, originating in software game development, so I have been fascinated by CGI for a long time. The logic behind a game is very simple, and can be documented in a brief instruction book. But, it is the CGI visualizations which can skyrocket a game into record-breaking sales. I believe that advancements in technology will eventually put industries out of business, but I do not expect it to put people out of business. That is because the creative people who used to design by pencil and paper will want to learn about Maya, and other CGI tools. They will be empowered to develop better quality visualization at a fraction of the time + effort + money required. I believe that it is as much true of games as it is of food and movies. All of Pixar’s movies are in my DVD collection. 🙂

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