Chinese New Year 2009 in HK

It’s been almost a month since I came back from Asia and celebrating Chinese New Year (Jan 26) in Hong Kong. Here’s the CNY celebration recap: People, people, people everywhere! (1,330,044,544 people in China from July 2008 estimate)


New Year’s Fair in Victoria Park, Hong Kong is filled with people!! We could barely see or stop to look at all the souvenirs for sale on the side of the aisles. Vendors are screaming for attention at the sidelines and have the wackiest signs as high as possible with balloons and the like so that you have a glimpse of what they’re selling.. buy it only if you can go through the crowd to get there in the first place. Fun vibe!


Cows were everywhere! Along with anything cow related. If you couldn’t tell…2009 is the year of the Cow.


Temples were filled with people praying for wealth and prosperity during the whole week. Ok, so the photo above was taken at LongShan Temple in Taipei on New Year Day #5, but each day of the 14 day traditional celebration has a significance; sadly, I have no idea what those are..


Fireworks! Who doesn’t like fireworks? Happy 2009!

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