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I’ve moved: please visit Creative Wanderings

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

hutong02.jpgApologies for the lack of posts. I’ve been getting my life together for a big move to Beijing. Find out more at my new blog!  I’ll be leaving this one behind as I start on some new adventures. Please continue to enjoy the content that resides here at Dine. Travel. Design. More importantly, please visit my new home to keep up with my posts and join me in some Creative Wanderings! Cheers!

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Hotel in a Bag

Friday, November 13th, 2009

hotelinabag.jpg This is such a brilliant concept- to make the inflatable mattress inviting, packaged, and easy to transport. Straps, like a sleeping bag, help to roll up the mattress in addition to towels and sheets. It doesn’t look like there’s any extra bag to use as a carry case, which the mattress is stuffed into (like the other products out there). Clever. You can have your own Hotel in a Bag for 198Euros (?!) via SwissMiss Anyone have special travel plans this weekend?? 🙂

vintage travel posters: love the graphics

Monday, November 9th, 2009

vintagetravelposters.jpgHunting in Poland c1961 – Design by Wiktor Gorka  Paris-Orly for Air France c1962- Design & Illustration by Jaques Nathan Garamond 

How about [a] virtual tour around the world to start off the week? I dug up a handful of travel related posters from 1950s-1970s for all the desk jockeys that are itching to get out of town.

Love these gorgeous, old school graphics and totally itching to get out of town! It’s fun/ funny to interpret the message of the posters. In Poland: our deer will hunt you, you can’t hunt the deer… And the vibrancy of Paris expressed as beautiful stained glass in historic architectural buildings. As much as I enjoy photography, vintage imagery is refreshing in comparison to today’s photographic/ photoshop advertisements.

via Flavorwire and see a couple hand fulls more at GrainEdit

Travel Therapy Book

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009


Travel Therapy is a book of “Top Trips Based on What You’re Going Through in Life!”
Sounds like just what I need right about now.. 😛

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The Senses: links (videos) on Food-Related-Design

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

‘The best restaurant in the World,’ ElBulli is a 3 star Michelin in the little town of Cala Monjoi outside of Barcelona. And it looks amazing! Much more than visual eye candy, the gastronomical works of art must be a delight to experience. See the rest of Adam Roberts’ detailed account of his 30 course meal at ElBulli (with more videos and images) of his experience over at Amateur Gourmet and his El Bulli Recap (thanks to Allen the links!)
Wallpaper has a review and selection of pages from the book “ElBulli: Food for Thought, Thought for Food”. (more…)

Drink: a unique addition to the Boston bar scene

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Summer is coming to an end and Labor Day weekend is just around the corner. 2009 is flying by! I’ve been meaning to write this entry months ago. There’s no real excuse, except for a fun-filled summer and as a result entries have been scarce. Apologies to any readers out there!


So here goes:
Almost a year ago, a friend took me to Drink at 348 Congress Street in the FortPoint area of South Boston. At the time, little did I know this cozy place was a new food and drink concept started by local chef Barbara Lynch alongside her bar maestro John Gertsen, which opened in September 2008.

Super fresh ingredients and knowledgeable bar staff are just the beginning. It’s truly about the experience and enjoyment of mingling. The odd zig-zag shaped bar allows for intimate conversation as sounds bounce around. Dark colors, metal decor and cool grays reflect the neighborhood’s transitioning industrial zone. Lighting is dim but welcoming; vibrant colors from fresh fruit will make you focus behind the bar. Scarce decor puts your attention to the basic ingredients and tools for a great cocktail.

Be patient since mixologists take longer than normal to stir-up a sensory experience. Bartenders go back and forth from the prep table to pick fresh herbs or peel fresh fruit and back to the bar to press olives for their juices for your beverage. The non-existent drink menu tests their skills as you describe the flavors you enjoy or ask for a suggestion. Well worth the wait for a strong, but not overpowering drink (I can’t recall what it was, but I’ll tell you whatever I had was delicious!)  The decor is well thought out and the choice of tableware is delightful. Bravo! Go check it out 🙂

Read more about Barbara Lynch’s Drink at and FortPointBlog.

Fresh ingredients are more than just a trend. Pursip offers consultancy services and shares drink recipes using fresh ingredients that seem to revolve around interaction.

Patent: Airline Seat Configurations go Vertical

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009


Emil Jacob of Cambridge, MA patented this idea for airline seating in 2006.

“step seat principle” It involves elevating alternate rows of seats, from one to five steps above the cabin floor, to give passengers more room to lean back in economy class and enough space in business class to lie down, either by sliding their legs under the seat in front of them or stretching out in pods stacked on top of each other – no sweater on the floor required.

The simplest version raises every other row of economy seats by 7 inches, a standard step height, allowing passengers to recline seats at up to a 45-degree angle (a few inches more than the 3 to 5 inches that’s standard in economy, Daimler said) and elevate their legs on a foldable footrest that takes advantage of the space underneath the seat in front of them. It’s a more “sleepable position,” Jacob said.

The staggered vertical seating allows for more individual passenger comfort and room, but also increasing carrier capacity, all while using the same amount of space that currently exists in airplanes. Jacob is currently discussing with a few airlines… I wonder if it will come to fruition.


[Update: check out some computer render concepts on Core77 here, here and here]

exhibit: Global Street Foods

Thursday, June 11th, 2009


yum yum! “Global Street Food” opened to the public today at Vitra Design Musuem in Weil am Rhein, Germany. Wish I could teleport there to see it!

“Global Street Food” is dedicated to the fascination with improvised kitchens in public places. Urban fast food stations navigating the contrast between pragmatic dilettantism and complexity in the smallest of spaces. Dornbracht presents a variety of street food kitchens from different areas of the world. An exhibition exploring the sculptural quality of authentic objects and their cultural identity.”

One of my favorite things about traveling is the local cuisine and street food, as this exhibit seems to address: understanding and embracing culture through its way of food and eating.

via Otto-Otto

Guggenheim Museum and Frank Lloyd Wright

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009


My very first visit to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City was long overdue. But what a fitting first visit it was this past weekend to see the exhibit “Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward“- about the architect who designed the museum, which is showing until the end of August. In addition to being reminded of the Guggenheim being the last building Wright finished designing, I was also reminded of what a revolutionary thinker he was. The use of radiant heating system in the floor and pushing our preconceived idea of what buildings should be, while truly exploring the relation of scale and space.

The exhibit was a fairly chronological walk through Wright’s works, showing sketches and drawings that we’re not used to seeing since it’s much easier to see the finished building. I found it rather insightful to see his thought process in many of the sketches and doodles alongside the finished architectural plans. I did wish that there was more talk about what influenced Wright’s work, his ideas, and his thought process rather than just a display of his accomplishments and achievements. I came away wanting more discussion about conflict and struggle, since many of his project proposals were never realized. One of my favorite pieces is the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo; distinctly Frank Lloyd Wright, yet also distinctly Japanese. It’s a shame that this building has since been demolished and can only be seen through images.


Snow Castle

Monday, May 11th, 2009

I know we are all excited for the lovely spring weather that has begun to hit us, particularly in New England. And I don’t mean to bring back any bad winter memories with this post!


Nonetheless, the SnowCastle Hotel in Kemi, Finland looks amazing. Recently closed for the season (January to April), there’s a SnowRestaurant and IceBar, Art Gallery, and Chapel in this 18 room Castle that also has 2 group rooms and a Honeymoon Suite. All can be enjoyed in the -5 degree Celcius temperature.

View more photos here.

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CraftBoston 2009 highlights

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Craft Boston featuring 200 Contemporary Craft Artists was held at the World Trade Center, Boston on March 27-29, 2009. A great show of independent crafts people and artists. Below are a few of my favorites.




Chinese New Year 2009 in HK

Friday, March 6th, 2009

It’s been almost a month since I came back from Asia and celebrating Chinese New Year (Jan 26) in Hong Kong. Here’s the CNY celebration recap: People, people, people everywhere! (1,330,044,544 people in China from July 2008 estimate)


New Year’s Fair in Victoria Park, Hong Kong is filled with people!! We could barely see or stop to look at all the souvenirs for sale on the side of the aisles. Vendors are screaming for attention at the sidelines and have the wackiest signs as high as possible with balloons and the like so that you have a glimpse of what they’re selling.. buy it only if you can go through the crowd to get there in the first place. Fun vibe!