Ben & Jerry’s Flipped Out!


A few weeks ago I was in Harvard Square for MakeMusicCambrdige. There were quite a few freebies and product samples for the event. Of note is Ben & Jerry’s new FlippedOut! ice-cream sundae.


It’s an individual serving sized package as a self contained ice-cream sundae:
1. peal off the top seal
2. turn upside down into another dish
3. press through the thumb-size perforated area at the bottom
4. slide the container off
5. remove the bottom lid (this is what you push against after breaking the perforation)
6. enjoy!

What a fun way to enjoy a fudgey, sweet sundae on a summer’s day! Although, too sweet for my own taste, it’s definitely a satisfying little snack with a mixture of textures and flavors all in one. You can’t deny the clever packaging and fun of flipping your food upside down to get at it. But, I couldn’t justify going out to purchase these with consideration to the excessive waste for a small delight.


Ben & Jerry’s went all out with the ‘flipped’ concept with extremes for the campaign.. at first glance the truck looks normal, but with a closer look, the wheels on top of the truck go in line with the flipped theme of Ben & Jerry’s new prepacked ice-cream sundaes.

Almost forgot to mention: FlippedOut certainly connected with my childhood memory of the Hoodsie Cup! Will FlippedOut! be the next Hoodsie Cup for a new generation?

Check out what NotCot has to say and more images of FlippedOut!

3 Responses to “Ben & Jerry’s Flipped Out!”

  1. Timmy Wong says:

    I thought the sundae was delicious. Though, I have to admit that I did not like it enough to justify the price, nor the unhealthy indulgence. In fact, I liked the creativity (of both the product as well as the marketing) much more than I liked the actual sundae. I welcome cute ideas like this, because they get people talking about things other than weapons of mass desctruction or plumetting stock values. Sundaes elicit happy thoughts.

  2. Allen says:

    B&J’s is awesome! I remember going to that talk at Syracuse where they gave us free ice cream… yum yum! =)

  3. Tiffany says:

    I finally saw the campaign in the T stations… it is totally fun and happy 🙂 ice cream = happy, very true!

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