absinthe.. at Apotheke


I was at unmarked Apotheke, in one of NYC Chinatown’s small side streets (9 Doyers St), during my last visit to the Big Apple, when we saw the flame show -pictured above- with no idea what was going on (via NewYorkTimes to learn more about this ‘craze’).

Once an hour, the owner, an earnest Austrian mixologist named Albert Trummer, stands at the bar and makes flaming absinthe shots while the sound system plays ¬ďAbracadabra¬Ē by the Steve Miller Band.

Impressive, but not the real reason to head to Apotheke. Instead, enjoy the interesting list of delicious drinks grouped by medical remedy (health and beauty, stress relievers, pain killers, stimulants, pharmaceuticals, euphoric enhancers, therapeutic treatments, house remedies, and aphrodesiacs). Inside is an eerie, forbidden atmosphere of times past. This fun and interesting bar concept references a Victorian era and boasts bartenders in white lab coats mixing fresh, herbal cocktails in beakers. It would be best to call ahead for reservations, as my friends failed to enter in the past with a long line.

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