2 collections of Dried Fruit Jewelry



Love that artists explore with just about any medium and material.  Gorgeous, edible art! Reminds me a bit of RingPops.

Using only a silver ring and a dehydrator, a jewelery designer transforms fruit into wearable art. These rings are made with a simple silver ring that is then topped with slice and segments of various dried fruits. The results are completely edible and play with the notion of jewelery as a precious art. Each ring will slowly decompose and eventually disappear if it isn’t eaten first. The rings are made from fruits such as oranges, plums, kiwis, apples and beets.

More ‘dried fruit rings’ at DesignBoom



A jewelry collection based on plant parasites made with pomegranate seeds, passionflower, lemon, pomelo and margosa tree seeds.

‘tahshi tapil’ by Tanya Shin also via DesignBoom

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  1. Holly says:

    These are beauteous!

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